Spain Intelligence Report–September 2012

Pyramid Research expects the telecom market in Spain to generate a total service revenue of $33.5bn in 2012 and to grow over the next five years to $36.61bn. Due to the economic recession and volatility of the euro exchange rate, the market will contract in dollar terms in 2012 and 2013 before rebounding in 2014.

However, there are a number of telecom sectors that we expect to experience continuous growth over the forecast period, including fixed VoIP and mobile data.

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Welcome to the Ruby Ranch Internet Cooperative Association

The Coop was founded in 2001 because at the time, no one offered DSL or cable modem Internet access in our neighborhood, and because the voice telephone service to the neighborhood is of such poor quality that it was (and is) not possible to get modem connections faster than about 26K bits per second. The Coop is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and is federally tax-exempt under 501(c)(12).

The Coop’s launch of service in 2002 was made possible only by loans from “angels,” neighborhood residents who chose to lend money to the Coop with no assurance the loans would ever be repaid. The Coop reached a milestone in the first quarter of 2004 successfully repaying (ahead of schedule, and with interest) all of the “angel” loans. The Coop is now debt-free.

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Huawei offers access to source code and equipment

“Huawei has done a very poor job of communicating about ourselves and we must take full responsibility for that,” said John Lord, chairman of Huawei’s Australian arm.

He added that the company needed to be more open and would give the Australian authorities “complete and unrestricted access” to its software source code and equipment.

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Lone packet cripples telco networks

Telcos the world over were running networks tantamount to “technology sandwiches” where layers of legacy kit had created such high complexity that operators were unaware of glaring holes which Langlois regularly revealed in penetration tests.

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“We accessed [an operator’s] systems through their x25 network which they never knew was running because the network vendor never disclosed it — it was just underlying technology.”

Facing Espionage, US Rejects Changes to Global Telecom

Countries would also be able to charge fees for international Internet traffic and establish new engineering and technical guidelines that would affect how the Internet works.

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He also said the ITU’s regulations are “not an appropriate or useful venue to address cybersecurity,” and added, “We are very sensitive about any one organization taking on the sole role of solving cyberthreats.”

Huawei Mulls IPO

It’s now as big as Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC) in the telecom equipment market and is pushing hard to increase its market share in the enterprise and mobile device markets. Its annual revenues are still increasing each year but its profitability has taken a knock in recent times.

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Why Your Phone, Cable & Internet Bills Cost So Much

In his new book, The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use ‘Plain English’ to Rob You Blind, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston highlights these astounding facts:

  • Americans pay four times as much as the French for an Internet triple-play package—phone, cable TV and Internet—at an average of $160 per month versus $38 per month.
  • The French get global free calling and worldwide live television. Their Internet is also 10 times faster at downloading information and 20 times faster uploading it.
  • America has gone from #1 in Internet speed (when we invented it) to 29th in the world and falling.
  • Bulgaria is among the countries with faster Internet service.
  • Americans pay 38 times as much as the Japanese for Internet data.

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