The Overwatch Videogame League Aims to Become the New NFL

Every major sport in the US has seen the average age of its viewership increase since 2000. The NBA’s average fan is 42. The average NFL fan is 50. The average MLB fan is 57. What’s more, these audiences are limited almost entirely to North America. The Overwatch League, meanwhile, will begin with nine US teams and three from abroad—Shanghai, Seoul, and London (with more, I’m told, on the way)—and its average fan is a demographically pleasing 21 years old.

Source: The Overwatch Videogame League Aims to Become the New NFL | WIRED

The geometry of Islamic art becomes a treasure of a game

But in Engare’s case, every massive, crisscrossing slew of curves and lines and patterns has already been proven out by the puzzles you’ve solved. Your reward for doing well in Engare isn’t unlocking more pattern-generation options; it’s the ability to understand the incredible combination of rotations and line patterns that went into each one and how they’re all geometrically solvable thanks to their adherence to X and Y axes.

Source: Engare review: The geometry of Islamic art becomes a treasure of a game | Ars Technica

Verdict: Buy two copies; donate the second one to a school computer lab.

Main site:

Only $6 on Steam.  I Will be trying it out on my Steam account.

The Secret Betting Strategy That Beats Online Bookmakers

Before committing any real money, the researchers tested the idea on 10 years of historical data on the closing odds and results of 479,440 soccer games played between 2005 and 2015. This simulation paid out 44 percent of the time and delivered a yield of 3.5 percent over the 10-year period. “For an imaginary stake of $50 per bet, this corresponds to an equivalent profit of $98,865 across 56,435 bets,” they say.

Source: The Secret Betting Strategy That Beats Online Bookmakers – MIT Technology Review

Augmented reality lawsuit provides augmented view of 1st Amendment

“Texas Rope ‘Em is not entitled to First Amendment protection because it does not convey any messages or ideas. Unlike books, movies, music, plays and video games—mediums of expression that typically enjoy First Amendment protection—Texas Rope ‘Em has no plot, no storylines, no characters, and no dialogue. All it conveys is a random display of cards and a map. Absent the communicative features that invoke the First Amendment, Candy Lab has no First Amendment claim,” the county said. (PDF)

Source: Augmented reality lawsuit provides augmented view of 1st Amendment | Ars Technica

No plot, storylines, characters, and dialog describes the Academy Award winner for best picture last year.

Sports and the “Millennial Problem”

As they continue to move away from traditional sports viewing, a growing number of Millennials are instead flocking to alternatives such as eSports, including live video-gaming competitions such as The International, an annual tournament devoted to DOTA 2. Though such events aren’t organized in the traditional sense, the growing popularity of eSports nonetheless has the potential to further diminish Millennials’ loyalty to traditional sports.

Source: L.E.K. Sports Survey — Digital Engagement Part One: Sports and the “Millennial Problem” – 1912_Sports_Survey_Part_1a.pdf

The AI “Master” bested the world’s top Go players

But now even Ke, the reigning top-ranked Go player, has acknowledged that human beings are no match for robots in the complex board game, after he lost three games to an AI that mysteriously popped up online in recent days.

The AI turned out to be AlphaGo in disguise.

Source: The AI “Master” bested the world’s top Go players—and then revealed itself as Google’s AlphaGo in disguise — Quartz

‘Minecraft’ tops 100 million sales

Much of that success can be attributed to the game’s open structure and limitless potential. Players can build anything they imagine, provided its outward-facing geometry is made up of simple, colorful blocks. The focus on creativity is why so many players, young and old, have been drawn to the game and continue to play years after its release.

Source: ‘Minecraft’ tops 100 million sales

Apart from Tetris, few games have come anywhere close to hitting the 100 million mark.

The real scars of Korean gaming

Professional gaming – e-sport – is a huge deal in South Korea. There’s a government department dedicated to its development.

Source: The real scars of Korean gaming – BBC News

At the top-end of gaming, the players are undeniably well looked after, healthy and happy – even if the gruelling routine means they clearly don’t enjoy playing anymore. It’s work.