OpenFlow Inventor Martin Casado on SDN, VMware and Software Defined Networking Hype

Casado noted that the term SDN was coined in 2009, and at the time, it did mean something fairly specific.

“Now it is just being used as a general term for networking, like all networking is SDN,” Casado said. “SDN is now just an umbrella term for cool stuff in networking.”

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I wondered this after seeing almost every other article in networking blogs like Light Reading with SDN in the title.  Click out the sdn tag to see all that made it here.

OpenDaylight SDN Group Breaks Cover

The OpenDaylight members plan to work on a standardized SDN controller and develop OpenDaylight APIs that sit between the controller platform and the network applications and user interfaces. The common, open source platforms will be developed using technology contributed by member companies and utilizing existing industry standards such as OpenFlow.

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APAC’s Telcos Take SDN for a Spin

NTT Com says its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering, called Enterprise Cloud, launched in June, utilized the OpenFlow SDN protocol that enables remote controllers to modify the behaviour of network devices and was the world’s first to use network virtualization technology.

Developed using OpenFlow-enabled devices from NEC Corp., it enables users to add and control virtual appliances such as firewalls and load balancers to their networks as and when they need them, according to the operator.

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Plexxi’s SDN Really Flattens the Data Center

It’s all run by a controller that’s centralized but also includes a federated piece distributed to each switch. The setup is similar to the way OpenFlow gets deployed, but the inner workings are very different (and no, OpenFlow itself isn’t supported yet). Plexxi uses algorithms and a global view of the network to decide how to configure the network.

In other words, rather than programming route tables, the controller looks at the needs of the workloads and calculates how the network ought to be getting used. Some of this can even happen automatically.

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Optical SDN Gets a Test Run

Building an OTS boils down to adding two things to an optical transport box: a virtual switch and the software hooks to receive commands from OpenFlow or some similar protocol. Infinera outfitted its gear accordingly, and ESnet provided a home-built SDN controller to talk to it.

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The OTS used in the tests is nowhere near commercial viability, both sides tell Light Reading. The software doesn’t have operational niceties such as alarms or debugging tools, for instance.

OTS=Optical Transport Switch

Big Switch Girds for SDN Battle

As expected, the company is promoting a network architecture that uses OpenFlow to program Ethernet switches. As has been fashionable in SDN circles lately, Big Switch is also espousing the idea of a hybrid network — one where OpenFlow-enabled gear is installed next to traditional routers and switches.

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Service providers would prefer to see the northbound and southbound interfaces be open, Griliches says. That’s because a groundswell of applications is expected to emerge now that SDN has become a hot and venture-fundable area, and no carrier wants to suddenly find out its applications don’t work on a particular vendor’s gear.

Intro to OpenFlow

In a classical router or switch, the fast packet forwarding (data path) and the high level routing decisions (control path) occur on the same device. An OpenFlow Switch separates these two functions. The data path portion still resides on the switch, while high-level routing decisions are moved to a separate controller, typically a standard server. The OpenFlow Switch and Controller communicate via the OpenFlow protocol, which defines messages, such as packet-received, send-packet-out, modify-forwarding-table, and get-stats.

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OpenFlow allows you to easily deploy innovative routing and switching protocols in your network. It is used for applications such as virtual machine mobility, high-security networks and next generation ip based mobile networks.