Welcome to Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd.

The company provides know-how in core development, as well as bridging the gap between the corporate world and the decentralized open source community environment. Our wide expertise can provide the reliability and stability of payed support in a world that is based on a volunteering community.

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Welcome to LQ Consulting

Welcome to LQ Consulting

At LQ Consulting, our goal is to help you realize your Open Source strategy. We have the experience and dedication needed to ensure your Open Source stack is efficient, stable and productive. Our philosophy is that your IT infrastructure shouldn’t be a burden, it should be a differentiator. We participate in many Open Source projects and are dedicated to supporting Open Source, while realizing that current business needs sometimes necessitate the use of proprietary applications.

We offer a variety of services and have the ability to implement, configure, support and optimize a wide assortment of Open Source technologies. Contact sales for more information on working with LQ Consulting. If you are a current client, visit our support center.

Click here if you’ve registered a domain with LQ Consulting and would like to manage it.

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Starting a Consulting Company

Starting a consulting business? If you have expertise and skills that others need, starting a consulting firm may be your ticket to the entrepreneurial ball. This article walks you through the process.

Starting a Consulting Company – How to Start a Consulting Business – Entrepreneurial Resources – Tips for Entrepreneurs – Gaebler Ventures – Chicago, Illinois.

A step-by-step plan to starting a consulting business

During my career, I have also worked as a recruiter and a managing director at a consulting company. My varied experiences have given me the opportunity to talk with hundreds of consultants over the years. From both my own experiences and the experiences of others, I’ve developed a start-up plan for those seeking to head into consulting.

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SIP Trunking: A Reality Check

As the conversation developed, we learned there are companies that are not planning, testing and monitoring installations. They are simply putting systems in, getting SIP trunks connected, testing for dial tone and moving onto the next client. Customers are experiencing poor quality, dropped calls and SIP trunks simultaneously dropping then reconnecting. So many problems occurred, the customers simply said, “Enough is enough! Let’s rip everything out and go back to what works!”

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