90% of blockchain-based supply chain projects are in trouble

Despite the great amount of time and effort invested in pilot projects aiming to use distributed ledgers to verify authenticity, improve traceability, and build more trust into supply chain transactions, only 19% of respondents ranked blockchain as a very important technology for their business, the company said in a release. Only 9% have invested in it.

Source: Gartner Survey: 90% of blockchain-based supply chain projects are in trouble | Modern Consensus | Cryptocurrency and blockchain news and opinions

75 Percent of Bluetooth Smart Locks Can Be Hacked

Twelve out of 16 Bluetooth smart locks examined could be unlocked by a remote attacker, a researcher said at the DEF CON hacker conference.

Source: 75 Percent of Bluetooth Smart Locks Can Be Hacked

The problems didn’t lie with the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol itself, Rose said, but in the way the locks implemented Bluetooth communications, or with a lock’s companion smartphone app. Four locks, for example, transmitted their user passwords in plaintext to smartphones, making it easy for anyone with a $100 Bluetooth sniffer to pluck the passwords out of thin air.

From: http://xkcd.com/538/

Blocking Shodan

One of the most popular services to shine light on and enumerate the darkest corners of the Internet is Shodan. It’s a portal-driven service through which subscribers can query its vast database of IP addresses, online applications and service banners that populate the Internet. Behind the scenes, Shodan’s multiple servers continually scan the Internet, enumerating and probing every device they encounter and recording the latest findings.

Source: Blocking Shodan

On one hand, you might empathize with many organizations on the receiving end of a Shodan scan. Their Internet-accessible systems are constantly probed, their services are enumerated, and every embarrassing misconfiguration or unpatched service is catalogued and could be used against them by evil hackers, researchers and journalists.