HP D2D/StoreOnce Backdoor

HP’s D2D product line, which has recently been rebranded “StoreOnce”, is effectively an expensive software platform.

via HP D2D/StoreOnce Backdoor.

Open up your favourite SSH client, key in the IP of an HP D2D unit. Enter in yourself the username HPSupport, and the password which has a SHA1 of 78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50. Say hello to an administrative account you didn’t know existed.

HP Gives Thin-client Treatment to Passport Internet Monitor

Hewlett-Packard has given a twist to the traditional all-in-one PC design with a new thin client it calls an “Internet monitor” that started shipping on Thursday and is designed to access services on the Internet.

via HP Gives Thin-client Treatment to Passport Internet Monitor | PCWorld Business Center.

The Passport has no internal storage or high-end processor, limiting its use to Internet access. The Linux-based operating system is locked down, so users cannot upload or install programs. The device has a Texas Instruments OMAP4430 smartphone chip, five USB ports, a media card reader and an Ethernet port. The monitor displays images at a 1366-by-768-pixel resolution.

It’s priced at $259.