Gallery development is continuing!

Brad Dutton has been leading a community that is continuing Gallery development. He and his team have made progress over the past year and have a stable version of Gallery 3 that is PHP 7+ compatible, contains a replacement for the old Flash-based image uploader, an updated jQuery Library and other features. They’ve been testing it for a year now with no problems and have released it as Gallery 3.1.0.

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The above blurb posted 11/13/2019.  The Gallery project went into hibernation in 2014. Sites hosted here, and, use Gallery 2 which still works great.

Discover Your Version of the Web™

What is YourVersion?

The web is growing larger every day, making it a challenge to find the new content you care about in the limited time you have each day. YourVersion was built to help you find the information you want quickly and easily. YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that continuously delivers web content tailored to your specific interests. YourVersion lets you discover the latest news, blogs, tweets, webpages, and videos — including results that don’t come up in a regular search engine. Even better, YourVersion always has your latest results ready for you each time you visit the website. YourVersion then lets you easily share your discoveries through Twitter, Facebook, and email. We also give you a centralized set of bookmarks accessible anywhere.

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Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services: Which is Best For You?

But there are a couple of other possibilities. Some open-source wrapper APIs under construction claim to support a whole set of clouds. In fact, here’s one on Sourceforge; I haven’t personally tried it and can’t vouch for it in any way, except to say that it’s just one example of a handful out there (do a Google search).

I suspect we’re going to see more of these open-source APIs that target multiple vendors. With one of those, you can potentially use any number of clouds. As for the APIs themselves—if you’re not worried about vendor lock-in, then both Amazon’s and Microsoft’s platforms are actually pretty easy to use and are in many ways quite similar. I personally rank them both about equal in programmability.

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