Tesla’s Autopilot Vindicated With 40% Drop in Crashes

It turns out that, according to the data Tesla gave investigators, installing Autopilot prevents crashes—by an astonishing 40 percent.

Source: Tesla’s Autopilot Vindicated With 40% Drop in Crashes – Bloomberg

In October, the company began shipping new Autopilot hardware with enhanced sensors that it says will eventually enable fully autonomous driving. Every car now ships with eight cameras and a dozen sensors to give 360-degree visibility. The company is rolling out new features that make use of the sensor suite in regular over-the-air updates.

The British ‘Atlantis’ is mapped in detail

The camera uses high frequency sound and acoustic lenses to refract sound waves and create film footage without light. The technology is usually reserved for creating a fly-by of sunken ships, but it has now picked up the wreckage of the former trading hub in astonishing detail. In addition, old naval navigation charts helped in the tracking and mapping of where the former coastline stood.

via The British ‘Atlantis’ is mapped in detail | Ars Technica.

Meanwhile in Brazil, the discovery of a large lump of granite rock 1,500km (932 miles) off the coast of Rio de Janeiro has led to claims that the real Atlantis has been discovered.