OAUTH phishing against Google Docs ? beware!

As you can see, it appears as Google Docs wants full access to my Gmail as well as my contacts. Of course, this is not real Google Docs – the attacker has simply named his “application” Google Docs – this can be verified by clicking on the Google Docs text where the real web site behind this and developer info is shown:

Source: InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog – OAUTH phishing against Google Docs ? beware!

Finally, if you accidentally clicked on “Allow”, go to https://myaccount.google.com/u/0/permissions?pli=1 to revoke permissions.

CSRF Still Armed And Dangerous

Designed to exploit the domain cookie trust model, CSRF attacks essentially take advantage of the trust the Web application has in its authenticated users, says Subu Ramanathan, principal consultant with Security Compass.

“In order to execute this attack, a user would have to navigate to a malicious website while logged into the victim Web application,” says Ramanathan. “The malicious website, being designed to attack users of the victim application, would make [requests] to complete sensitive transactions on the victim application on behalf of the user behind the scenes.”

via CSRF Still Armed And Dangerous — Dark Reading.