Ford Test Drives New Consumer Firmware Updates

What’s confusing (and Ford says as much) is that there’s a first “Installation Complete” message after about a minute–but, wait, there’s more. Leave the USB drive in and keep the car turned on as a second installation then begins and will last much longer. After about five to ten minutes, the update is finally complete. You’ll then need to pair your mobile device again, but the contact information and your files should still be in the SYNC system.

via Ford Test Drives New Consumer Firmware Updates | SecurityWeek.Com.

What could possibly go wrong LOL?

You will then need to take the USB drive back to your laptop or home computer to report that the update was successful so that Ford can advance you to the next update, should one become available. This last step might not be completed by most consumers who will move on to other things. It’ll be interesting to see how many downloads correspond to successful installations of the update.