I’m migrating this web server to a more modern Fedora from Fedora 14 and there have been problems.  Had to ditch the new MariaDB for community mysql because the former cannot read in a common SQL file describing this simple WordPress database without marking it corrupt.  See:

MySQL to MariaDB migration: handling privilege table differences when using mysqldump

Community mysql works well and all databases read in like SQL should.  There have been memory leak problems bringing down services at random times which might be an OS problem or httpd problem so I’m getting ready to rebuild on a modern CentOS distro which should be more stable.  I don’t feel like debugging this since it should just work when installed.  The latest crash was SELinux which activated itself after a reboot and it doesn’t like anything running on its system.

The Fedora 14 VM has been rock solid since 2010 and I’ll still use it as a backup.  I wanted to create a VM in VirtualBox and Fedora 14 is too old to build from scratch.  This modern Fedora seems very unreliable.

tl;dr This site will be under construction and may fall over every now and then.