The Dream of Delivery Drones Is Alive (And On A Truck)

But there’s hope yet for drone delivery. Cincinnati-based Amp Holdings is currently developing a drone, called Horsefly, that deploys from a compartment in the roof of an electric delivery truck. After each delivery, the aircraft would return to the truck for its next package. It’s strong enough to carry parcels as heavy as 10 pounds (double what Amazon is shooting for), and durable enough to fly through, wind, rain and snow on its appointed rounds.

via The Dream of Delivery Drones Is Alive (And On A Truck) | Popular Science.

I had this idea a couple years ago when Amazon announced this.  Launching from the truck is the most feasible both logistically and technically.  The truck does not need to be connected to the Internet.  All drone coms can be done via a local wifi and perhaps a server in the truck.  This can make the truck driver more efficient and less dangerous as he/she doesn’t have to get out of the truck in traffic.