The Internet Dodges Another Bullet With Wget Flaw

“It was found that wget was susceptible to a symlink attack which could create arbitrary files, directories or symbolic links and set their permissions when retrieving a directory recursively through FTP,” developer Vasyl Kaigorodov wrote in a Red Hat Bugzilla comment. –

via The Internet Dodges Another Bullet With Wget Flaw.

Wget is a linux command that allows a shell script to download a web page and store it to a file.  This bug pertains to using a URL to do File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and not HTTP which is what wget was designed for.  Here are a couple more snippets of this bug.

“Random bug found by accident, but the implication is that the FTP server can overwrite your entire filesystem,” Moore tweeted to eWEEK.

Don’t use wget for ftp.  Don’t run wget with root permissions.

So just to recap here, Wget is on nearly every Linux server in the world, and it had a flaw that could have enabled anyone to overwrite directories on a server. That’s very serious.

You should only use wget for http downloads.  This doesn’t sound like one of those Internet Dodges a Bullet problems.