True tales of mostly white-hat hacking

Here are five true tales of bringing down the baddies. I can’t say I’m proud of all the things I did, but the stories speak for themselves. Got one of your own to pass along? Send it my way, or share it in the comments.

via True tales of mostly white-hat hacking | Security – InfoWorld.

Posing as a regular customer, we complained that we thought someone was attacking our cable box and asked if the technician could take a look at our device’s firewall log to confirm. A few minutes later up popped the technician’s shadow and passwd password files. When executed, our encoded malicious JavaScript packet would look for various password and configuration files and, if found, send them back to us. The technician had viewed the firewall log, the XSS had launched, and we ended up with the company’s enterprise-wide root password. All of this hacking occurred in about six hours. In less than a day we had fatally compromised the set-top box and pwned the whole company.