Hacking into the Indian Education System

Technically put, I merely needed to write a script to iterate through the various school IDs, check the different servers, and start with a student ID of 1 yet have a way to detect when there were no more students for a given school. I had to retrieve the resultant html files and parse them to extract all the useful information – Name, Date of Birth, ID, School, Marks.

via Hacking into the Indian Education System – On the Stepping Stone – Quora.

Several hours later, I had all the ISC and ICSE results on my very own computer, in a bunch of comma-separated value files. It was truly incredible. 26 megabytes of pure, magnificent data. An Excel file I couldn’t scroll to the bottom of. Just for kicks, I Ctrl+F’d a few names I knew and what do you know? There they were. Line after line of names, subjects and numbers. It was truly mesmerizing.