burning ISO files with Gnomebaker

Once you have GnomeBaker open, go to the Tools menu at the top and select “Burn CD Image” (or “Burn DVD Image” as appropriate). It will then prompt you for the ISO file and recorder device to use, as well as at what speed, etc.

via burning ISO files with Gnomebaker – FedoraForum.org.

Duh.  It was right in front of me all along.  For some reason Brasero keeps returning errors on burning a simple .iso file.  It is consistent between reboots.  This might be due to some weirdness with the motherboard on medusa and how the kernel deals with the SATA interface.  I already noticed a problem with acpi messing with an ethernet PCI card on the only PCI slot on the motherboard.  Something is not right with this hardware setup.   The DVD player has also “gone offline” after trying to read error ridden Netflix DVDs.  Something is causing it to go offline and it is either the linux kernel or the hardware accepting commands from low level windows drivers.   This could also be a vm problem.

The bottom line: gnomebaker works and seems to work better.  Gnomebaker deserves a link in the Tools category.