GNOME 3.8 Is Dropping Its Fallback Mode

Matthias Clasen on the behalf of the GNOME Release Team has announced that they have decided to eliminate GNOME’s “fallback mode” with the upcoming 3.8 release that allowed a “GNOME classic” mode that didn’t depend upon OpenGL/3D rendering and was more like the GNOME2 traitional desktop.

via [Phoronix] GNOME 3.8 Is Dropping Its Fallback Mode.

Now for GNOME users without a proper GPU and drivers, if you want to still use GNOME, you will need to use LLVMpipe for a software-accelerated experience of the GNOME Shell.

Gnome has totally gone off the rails.  Luckily there is a fork for Gnome called MateMate is supposed to be shipped with Fedora 18.  I have used Mate in a Linux Mint virtual machine and it works well.  I tried loading it into a Fedora 17 VM many months ago and it had problems but I’m sure all of that will get worked out.  IMHO, Gnome has become a product of hubris.  I’ve tried to use it and just can’t deal with the constant context switching to do simple tasks like opening a terminal window.