AT&T, have you no shame?

The distinctions being drawn seem bizarre and arbitrary to many customers who argue that data is data—I paid for it and should control what I use it on, not AT&T. It’s even stranger because AT&T isn’t targeting “video chat” apps with its restriction; it is only targeting FaceTime.What is going on here?

via AT&T, have you no shame? | Ars Technica.

So what’s the solution? Competition plays a key role. While we would prefer a slightly stronger standard for wireless net neutrality, customers generally do have more choice when it comes to wireless carriers than they do in the wired world. Switching isn’t easy, especially in the US world of contract and early termination fees, so the mere existence of competition doesn’t always work magic, but those who want to use FaceTime do at least have the choice of moving to a company like Sprint.