The Future Fruits Of Apple + Facebook

And while Facebook is struggling to make money on small mobile screens, Facebook TV could be a more natural place for display ads. Advertisers have been demanding a bigger, flashier ad formats that Facebook TV could host. We’re so used to watching commercials on TV that a glossy still ad every 10 minutes or 10 photos, or the occasional fifteen-second pre-roll might not seem out of place.

Apple would gain a good showcase for how existing mobile and web apps could be reformatted for the television. The special Facebook app could also be a selling point for Apple’s new TV hardware. Facebook needs to be on televisions and Apple needs Facebook on its televisions, so this collaboration seems inevitable if not imminent.

via The Future Fruits Of Apple + Facebook | TechCrunch.

What goes around comes around.  The first computer to use the TV as a monitor was the VIC-20 or Commodore 64.  Then there was WebTV.  Now Apple wants to pipe Facebook to TV? Not having a TV or a Facebook account I have no basis for an opinion on this.