SmartDeco was founded in 2011 and is based in LA with manufacturing in Northern California. We believe in making supreme & eco-friendly products right here in the USA. When you open a box of SmartDeco, you’ll find handsome furniture that is refreshingly easy to assemble and 100% recyclable. No tools and no stress, just smart furniture for smart living.

via SmartDeco.

I find this idea fascinating.  It’s a new way to sell boxes and I think for people who move a lot it’s  just throw everything in the recycling — keep the move short and simple.

I do find their prices kind of steep.  $63 for a desk?  I think I paid  less than that for some particle board piece of junk on sale from Office Depot a bunch of years ago.  That this is just a fancy box if this idea takes off I’m sure people could make money selling desks for, say $20?  $10?   What does a cardboard box cost to make and fold?   Also, most office furniture sold at office big box stores are made of particle board which isn’t long lasting either.

File cabinets are absolutely perfect for this concept.  No need to box up the filing cabinet because the filing cabinet is a box.  🙂