Why corporate cloud storage doesn’t add up

As IT continues in a zigzag path of figuring out what to do with this “cloud” stuff, it seems that some companies are getting ahead of themselves. In particular, the concept of outsourcing storage to a cloud provider puzzles me. I can see some benefits in other cloud services (though I still find the trust aspect difficult to reconcile), but full-on cloud storage offerings don’t make sense outside of some rare circumstances.

via Why corporate cloud storage doesn’t add up | Data Center – InfoWorld.

there’s already storage in the data center running the servers. That means there’s already a backup solution in place, and adding local file storage is trivial.

And one more interesting tidbit from the author of the linked to article.

Don’t forget that fast, reliable storage is very cheap these days. You can pick up 24TB of raw storage for less than $7,000, and even though they’re SATA drives, they’ll be more than sufficient for most general business purposes.

I kind of agree.  My worry is the reliability of the cloud provider.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”