Symantec ‘fesses up: ‘Code theft worse than we thought’

A hacker calling himself “Yama Tough”, acting as a spokesperson for the group, claims the source code had been pulled from insecure Indian government servers, implying that Symantec was required to supply their source code to Indian authorities. In a series of Twitter updates, Yama Tough talked about various plans to release the source code before committing to release the secret sauce of pcAnywhere.

via Symantec ‘fesses up: ‘Code theft worse than we thought’ • Channel Register.

Even so the whole Symantec hack soap opera/pantomime (‘You’ve been hacked!”, “Oh no we haven’t”… “Oh maybe we have”) raises serious questions about the security of Symantec’s ecosystem as well as turning the security giant into the punchline for jokes. For example, famed Apple hacker Charlie Miller quipped: “How could Symantec have gotten hacked? Don’t they use AV?” ®