Don’t celebrate OpenStack’s success just yet

Media, content creation, and life sciences struck Stitt as good examples for where OpenStack enjoys stronger greenfield adoption. Those areas revolve around the generation of entirely new data, rather than the manipulation of existing data; everything newly created can simply be deployed fresh into OpenStack.

It’s hard to ignore the overall enthusiasm around OpenStack — the near-doubling of attendance to 4,500 at this year’s summit is a sign of how interest is mushrooming. And the overarching presence of Red Hat shows how it’s working to make itself as synonymous with OpenStack as it did with Linux — but the existence of other vendors all vying for attention also raises a cautionary note that, open source notwithstanding, the OpenStack market runs the risk of becoming as fragmented and contentious as Linux itself.

via Don’t celebrate OpenStack’s success just yet | Openstack – InfoWorld.