Docsis 3.1 Rides the Wireless Wave

OFDM will provide Docsis with a new order of bandwidth efficiency, but it also offers some sound business reasons for cable to adopt it. OFDM, already used for Wi-Fi and Long Term Evolution (LTE), could lead to better economies of scale and get more vendors interested in the cable market, explained Daniel Howard, the SVP of engineer and CTO at Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), during a webcast earlier this month on the topic (SCTE is tasked with helping the cable industry get trained up for Docsis 3.1). (See Setting the Stage for Docsis 3.1.)

via Light Reading – Docsis 3.1 Rides the Wireless Wave.

Lots of interesting info on OFDM in this article.  I find it amazing how creative people get in squeezing not just more bandwidth, but orders of magnitude more bandwidth, using the same physical outside plant infrastructure.