“mount.nfs4: Operation not permitted” when mounting NFS device

This is a configuration issue. A required parameter needs to be added to the file /etc/exports to define the root file system for mounting.

The parameter that needs to be added follows:


An example line would look like the following:

/storage *(rw,fsid=0,sync,insecure_locks,insecure,no_root_squash)

Additional information

NFSv4 works differently and no longer references the root of the file system but instead requires the root to be defined with fsid=0.

If fsid=0 is not present, permission will never be granted for the file system to be mounted.

via RHEL6: “mount.nfs4: Operation not permitted” when mounting NFS device – IBM System Cluster 1350 (1410).

NFS4 is different.   After configuring exportfs the old fashioned way the nfs mounts did not work at all.  I narrowed it down to the CentOS server running nfs4 and then found this article from IBM.  It seems to work now.