Cloud mega-uploads aren’t easy

Google and Microsoft don’t offer formal data ingestion services to help users get lots of data into the cloud, and neither seems set to do so anytime soon. Quite how would-be users take advantage of the hundreds of terabytes both offer in the cloud is therefore a bit of a mystery.

via Cloud mega-uploads aren’t easy • The Register.

I also have been wondering about this for my measly 2gigs I want to upload to a cyberlocker.  My upload speed is more or less 30KBytes/s or ~100M/hour.  Therefore 2G upload would take 20 some hours which is kind of impractical.  The article covers import/export services of various cloud providers.  I’m interested in Rackspace…

Rackspace offers a similar service, dubbed Cloud Files Bulk Import. Optus, the Australian arm of telecoms giant Singtel, will happily offer a similar service. Australian cloud Ninefold does likewise, branding it “Sneakernet”.

Good old sneakernet is back.  That brings the memories.