ScaleXtreme: Cloud-Based Server Automation

ScaleXtreme is a powerful product that allows you to build, deploy, and manage servers across a variety of different public and private cloud providers.

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From: Accel-Backed ScaleXtreme Takes Data Center Management To The Cloud

ScaleXtreme wants to do the same thing to data automation that Salesforce did to CRM. Replace million-dollar deployments that take months with a five minute download that can have a machine being managed from the cloud in five minutes. And instead of an upfront $1,500 licensing fee per machine, plus maintenance and upgrade fees, ScaleXtreme is shooting for something closer to $150 a year per machine. “This is a radically different model,” says Mulchandani, who started out as an enterprise IT sales guy. “You download the agent and you are done—no sales people, no Italian suits flying across the country.”