Move to mobile will bring big changes for Linux

This may present some messaging problems for the big commercial Linux vendors, by the way: if the distribution underneath becomes less important, then Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server may soon have a serious fight on their hands. In the past, one of the big differentiators has been that these “big” distros provide solid infrastructures in which business applications can be developed. If this Linux-is-Linux-is-Linux idea takes root, that will undercut a big marketing tool for Red Hat and SUSE Linux.

via Move to mobile will bring big changes for Linux | ITworld.

But I don’t think that’s going to last. The Linux community may be cocky now, but let’s think through this Linux-is-everywhere scenario a bit. If the operating system becomes just a background component that runs more web than native apps and app development for the platform itself becomes de-emphasized, then the obvious question then becomes: what does it matter it it’s Linux running on the operating system layer?

You still need a reliable OS to run the web servers which is the space RHEL and SUSE enterprise sell into.