scanning for new scsi devices

scanning for new scsi devices.

New devices can be added using echo “scsi add-single-device <h> <b> <t> <l>” > /proc/scsi/scsi where the variables are host, bus (channel), target (scsi id) and lun. The success (or otherwise) of this command can be determined by sending a subsequent cat /proc/scsi/scsi command.

..from the scsi-howto (proc interface) at – see it for more info.

i have a script “” here on debian which uses the above method to recheck devices.

HTH ritch.

This was written in 2005. I found the script on medusa but have no idea which package it came from. It wasn’t on any other Fedora 14 install so it must have come from somewhere. It scans the SCSI bus and finds the drive perfectly well.