Web app open source alternatives

You can replace a number of popular web apps with solid open source alternatives. If you want to embrace your inner geek, you can even run many of them on your own web server. Or, you can use hosted versions of those apps which will only set you back a few dollars a month.

Let’s take a look at 5 open source alternatives to some popular web apps.

via Web app open source alternatives | Opensource.com.

I have been pleased with Owncloud which he lists as one of the five.  Its install was straightforward and it works allowing for easy file sync with my android tablet using their app as a client and their software on a specified server.

Here’s another one of the five I hadn’t heard before which prompted me to repost this article here:

ownStaGram is a self hosted replacement for Instagram. All you need is a web server that runs PHP and mySQL, and you can install it in a few minutes. From there, you can upload photos from your computer to your instance of ownStaGram. Or, you can use the Android app (which includes several of those hackneyed Instagram-like filters).

I will give ownStaGram a try and post my thoughts soon.

Update:  I ran ownStaGram on a Fedora 19 build running php 5.5 and a warning message popped up about a deprecated mysql connect method.  This is clearly a problem that hasn’t been fixed in quite awhile.  Tried to download their app from Google Play but couldn’t find it.  Some of the comments on the web version of Google Play suggested it was a buggy app which may be why it got pulled.

ownStaGram is a good concept.  I’d love to be able to snap a pic and have it automatically upload onto my local “cloud” device connected only to the local wifi.