The Tiny Box That Lets You Take Your Data Back From Google

For open source developer Johannes Ernst, what the world really needs is a simple device that anyone can use to take their data back from the wilds of the internet. So he designed the Indie Box, a personal web server preloaded with open source software that lets you run your own web services from your home network–and run them with relative ease. Any system administrator will tell you that setting up a server is just the first step. Maintaining it is the other big problem. Indie Box seeks to simplify both, with an option to fully automate all updates and maintenance tasks, from operating system patches to routine database migrations.

via Out in the Open: The Tiny Box That Lets You Take Your Data Back From Google | Enterprise | WIRED.

A completely assembled device costs $500.

This is just a linux box with standard server packages installed and probably a customized management system.  Running your own web server does not take your data back from Google unless you run your own search engine.   The main type of data Google retains for its customers is email.  Running your own email server does keep your personal information from Google.  However, from the article:

For now, it won’t include an e-mail server since spam filters make it so hard to run one from home.