Welcome to the Bucktown Bell open wifi.

If you’re seeing this then the captive portal works and hopefully the last time this message appears.  Captive portals are the splash screens you see on many open wifi networks like at McDonalds and Starbucks where they present Terms of Service and other legal blah blah blah.  This captive portal is only turned on for testing purpose and will only be active for the next few days.  Now that I have your attention however ….

This is an experimental network to be used for low bandwidth purposes like surfing the web, listening to music and podcasts, facebook, etc.  The purpose of the network is to provide relatively high available free access for those services and since they use very little bandwidth, this shared resource can be used by many people simultaneously.  Episodic content streaming like TV shows and Netflix movies put too much strain on this shared resource.  Sporadic youtube streaming is fine.  A two hour constant stream by a single device affects the mathematics of availability and the number of users that this shared resource can support.


The Skype software behaves like a P2P which is blocked by the server.  Without getting into technical details, what the Skype software does next is considered malicious and a threat to the server.  The server will disable access to those devices automatically base upon an algorithm.  I must reset these bans manually.  Don’t try and use Skype on this network.  In short time I will have a SIP proxy online and will give away domestic calls but that will require a SIP client on your device as well as either manual configuration or a local app download (Android devices only)  from this site that auto configures.

If you have any questions please click the Contact Me button.  This page won’t auto redirect automatically.  You should be able to click through to your original destination.